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Yes I Can, Inc. – An Organization that Helps Youth & Families in Crisis

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of Compassion & Faith

Yes I Can, Inc. is a purpose-driven nonprofit organization with the goal of bringing a message of hope to youth and families in crisis. Husband and wife team, Art and Gail Moore, reach out to individuals of all walks of life seeking support and compassion during a time of need.

Since 1979, Art, a former nose guard for the New England Patriots, and Gail, a contemporary Christian recording artist, decided to use their unique platform of professional sports and contemporary music to reach out to those in need. Together they have been hosting ministries, seminars, and events to reach youth and families in crises. Their work began in southern California and has led them across the country into hundreds of communities, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the home office is now located.

Our Purpose is to Encourage & Empower Today’s Youth & Families

Today’s youth have been bombarded with a “no you can’t” message. Today’s society continues to oust God from every situation and immediately labels children as hopeless after their first mistake. Our goal is to provide a guiding light to those seeking a second chance to turn their life around.

Each program at Yes I Can is designed to be a guiding light for our youth. We teach young individuals how to turn their negative situations into positive ones through hard work, patience, making smart choices, and, most importantly, creating a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Volunteer with Us

Join us in spreading the message of hope to youth and families in crisis located across the nation. By joining Yes I Can as a volunteer, you’ll be able to reach out to those in need and provide them with support. Contact us today about volunteering.

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We’re here to help you no matter what walk of life you come from, what your situation is, or where you are located in the U.S. Yes I Can is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing compassionate support to those in need. Reach out to us today with any questions or concerns you may have.