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Community Involvement

I have personally known Art and Gail Moore for more than five years and know them to be people of high moral and ethical character. Their organization reaches out to youth and their families who are in need and helps turn negative situations into positive ones. They ...believe that by applying God's word and Godly principles in our lives will help overcome life's toughest challenges.
Bobby Simpson
City of Baton Rouge
Parish of East Baton Rouge
State of Louisiana

As a result of your divine ministry, I have received testimony upon testimony of how the hearts and minds of husbands and wives have been changed for the better. Couples received a renewed commitment to each other, a marriage that on the brink of divorce was healed and restored, love and unity was rekindled and passions were awakened from a long sleep. The lives and spirits of the couples in attendance were truly blessed by your testimony, your gift of ministry, and your unique anointing.
Joyce Andrews
"Virtuous Woman and Her King"
Banquet and Marriage Seminar
Baton Rouge, LA

Since their visit here I have noticed an excitement in our youth like I've never seen before. The excitement is not only in our youth, but also in our parents and other adults who had the opportunity to be here. Parental involvement has picked up. Our teens have shown a renewed interest in their walk with God. Our adult men have stepped up to the plate and they are getting involved in outside activities with the young boys living in single parent homes where there is no father actively involved in their lives. Adult women who are also getting involved in the lives of young girls to help guide them in the right direction.
Pastor Lee Dell Maxie
First Timothy Christian Fellowship
Baton Rouge, LA

Yes I Can, Inc. brings its program into a variety of high schools, colleges, prisons and other youth institutions all over the world. They utilize educational information, life experiences, concerts, and other programs to positively change the attitudes, behaviors, and total lifestyles for the participants of their program.
Barbara Thomas, Executive Director
North Baton Rouge Women's Help Center
Baton Rouge, LA


Our entire student body, as well as the faculty and administration, were overwhelmed by your presentation. ...you are reaching the students through a language that they understand.
Gerri Vaughn, Counselor
McKinley Senior High School
Baton Rouge, LA

I have never seen our youngsters so moved by anyone's performance as they were by yours. They are generally very apathetic and very critical about the motivational activities we try to provide ...but ...they were electrified. It was upon their insistence, also that of the football and baseball coaches, that I raced to the auditorium to meet the individuals who raised the hairs on the arms of my otherwise unmotivated children.
Cortez Frank
McKinley Senior High School
Baton Rouge, LA

The Moores are not only a dynamic team but are highly gifted. They displayed a genuine and open spirit rooted in honesty and truth. More challenges were made openly to the students that no one had ever made before. Students, for the first time, realized that only they are in charge of the life God has given to them. ...Art and Gail have a powerful ministry that is not hype but sincere love for young people. They try to focus on doing the right thing.
Elton J. Blunt
Capitol High School
Baton Rouge, LA

What a powerful week it was! I have yet to speak with one student or adult who was not positively impacted in some way by Art and Gail's presentation. ...The Moores have been gifted with a genuine and open spirit rooted in complete honesty and truth that acts as a magnet to young people. ...Yes I Can! is presented in such a way as to provide students with vital information necessary to make appropriate choices and then challenge them to do so in their daily
D. Kenneth Worsham
Parkview Baptist School
Baton Rouge, LA

Art and Gail were able to relate to our LSU students and minister to them by sharing the things that they have experienced. ...It is very rare that you find such a genuine organization that has no hidden agendas. Yes I Can proved to be a genuine organization as well as a life changing organization.
Pastor Reymundo Meneses
Living Waters College Church
LSU Student Retreat
Baton Rouge, LA


YIC [Yes I Can] really did inspire the JCCY youth and staff to strive for changes in our lives. YIC was able to empower the youth to make a positive change in their attitudes and behavior while incarcerated and upon their release from JCCY. In light of your commitment toward improving the quality of life for children, we gladly endorse your effort.
Lynn Cooper
Jetson Correctional Center for Youth
Baton Rouge, LA

...I...was very much impressed with their testimonies and their ability to inspire the women through song and testimony. I was touched by their desired to draw close to those that were abandoned by family, have lost hope due to terminal illness and those that were taken advantage of simply because of their young innocence. I was so much touched by their spirituality that I knew their special gift needed to be shared with women beyond those present at the performance. ...[although] they were officially contracted to be at my facility for one day ... they returned the following day... in the main yard full of adolescents and adult females, Art and Gail ministered unto the women engaging them fully for three consecutive hours. This was the first time that adolescents and adults had been in a congregate gathering, for a prolonged period, without incident. ...Now in my current position of Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Juvenile Justice, I see a need for the ministry of Art and Gail Moore here too. I pray that you will assist them financially in furthering their work so that their talents will not be limited to just a few persons in need of love and a touch.
Sandra D. Langston
Deputy Commissioner
Department of Juvenile Justice
New York, NY

Youth Organizations

The "Yes I Can" program is without a doubt one of the more successful ones available to school kids today.
Gus Kinchen
Area Director
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Baton Rouge, LA

Professional Athletes

It is with great pleasure that I ...have been given the good fortune of working with Gail and Art Moore and Yes I Can, Inc. ...through their commitment and dedication to help and reach out to our youth ...we have touched many young lives for Christ.
Keith Jackson
Retired Professional Football Player
Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins
And Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers

Since the inception of Yes I Can, Inc., we have worked together in may different settings from basketball camps to youth crusades across America... Art and Gail have a very unique way of dealing with the issues that youth face today whether it is drugs, sex, low self-esteem, violence or whatever. They can relate to youth so well because they "speak them language".
Meadowlark Lemon
Former Harlem Globetrotter
Phoenix, AZ