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Art Moore Art Moore, an ex-NFL star, could easily intimidate you with his towering frame, but the Holy Spirit has instead instilled in him a gentle and caring spirit. During his years in the NFL, Art used his 6'6" body to overpower his obstacles. The high life and fame he acquired during his years in the NFL only left him restless and empty and later led him to a life filled with drugs and alcohol. Art now shares the powerful testimony of how, while at the height of his football career, he almost died, until the Lord entered in and gave him new life. Since then, he has taken a charismatic-style message of Christ across the world to influence kids and adults and to teach them how to tackle life's challenges with the strength of God.

Gail Moore Gail Moore, a gifted artist, continues to step over thresholds to attain God's will for her life.
The past years of effort have had their highlights from:
  • Backup singing for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aaron Neville, Donna Summers, Luther Vandrose and Wayman Tisdale.
  • Singing with Stephen Curtis Chapman, Carmen, Crystal Lewis, Michael English, Amy Grant, Kathy Traccoli, Be Be Winans, and others.
  • Singing for Walt Disney Productions, on TV soaps, including General Hospital, and on TV commercials, including Levi 501 Jeans and Toyota.
  • Performing on the Trinity Broadcast Network with Jan and Paul Crouch and appearing with Benny Hinn; Kenneth Copeland; as well as the Azusa Conferences with Bishop Carlton Pearson; and the Billy Graham Crusade.
Gail celebrates Jesus in her music. She has recorded five record projects, her latest being recorded live behind the walls of Broad River Prison. You can find these records here.

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