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Gail & Art Moore What is Yes I Can, Inc.? Yes, I Can, Inc. was organized by the husband and wife team, Art and Gail Moore, to reach out to hurting youth and their families. Art, a former professional football player, and Gail, a contemporary Christian recording artist, realized that they had a unique platform of professional sports and contemporary music to work with. Since 1979, they have been presenting programs to reach youth in crises. This work was started in southern California and has been carried all across the country into hundreds of communities, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is now the location of the home office.

With the breakdown in family values and with a society that continues to oust God from every situation, labels our kids as hopeless and refers to them as the "X-generation", today's youth have been bombarded with the "no you can't/no you shouldn't" message. It has left them frustrated and defeated and has caused them to turn to the very thing they have been told to avoid.

After much research and prayer, the concept of "Yes I Can" was developed. Each program was designed to help youth learn how to turn their negative situations into positive ones through hard work, patience, right choices, right relationships and, most important, a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.